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10 White Mountain Health Center Products to Help Treat Arthritis

10 White Mountain Health Center Products to Help Treat Arthritis

One of the many ailments our patients suffer from here at White Mountain is Arthritis. We’ve had so many questions on these cold and rainy days in regards to treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that we just came up with another list!


Flower Strains

Through research online and with feedback from our patients we found that some strains of flower are definitely better than others in treating OA and RA. Some of the big ones that can be found at WMHC are below!


G.S.C. (Girl Scout Cookies) – You can find this specific strain or phenotype (cousin) in house in our version of G.S.C or Thin Mints. We also get similar strains from guest growers all the time. As we’re writing this the PTM in shop is being sold out!


Blue Haze – WMHC grows this specific strain regularly. The strong indica presence in Blueberry along with the heady high of Haze gives the users that perfect blend to ease pain and keep you going through the day.


CannaTsu – This strain is a high CBD flower. With ratios ranging around 1:1 between THC and CBD it offers patients that nice pain relieving/inflammation reducing feeling without the psychoactive high. Currently WMHC has a strain called Cream Soma that has that 1:1 feeling.



Many patients, doctors and articles online all point to topicals as a great way to relieve pain and soreness caused by arthritis. Both THC and CBD rubs will help but a combo of the two sees the most results. The pin point accuracy and fact that you don’t feel that high make topicals a great choice for patients facing arthritis.


Chronic Health High CBD Ointment – One product here at WMHC we all swear by! The 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD in their oil blends are perfect for soothing aches.


iLava Touch – Quickly becoming popular at the shop because of its effectiveness and great smell! iLava contains 300mg of THC and 250mg of CBD giving it a great that great medicinal balance. The 11 essential oils in it make for a great smell and also aid in inflammation.


Pure Ratios Patches – A great way to try out topicals for extended periods of time. These CBD only or 1:1 ratio patches work for up to 96 hours!



Almost everyone will tell you edibles are a great way to go. They have the longest “legs” to them (effective up to 8hrs in some cases) and generally have a full body effect. One thing everyone will also tell you is that it’s hard to correctly dose things like brownies or cookies. Capsules are a great way to know exactly what dose you’re taking, allowing you to find that functional high.


KIND Kaps – Available in several THC only, CBD only and Combination doses, KIND Kaps have become very popular with staff and patients alike.


Uncle Herbs Capsules – UH does a variety of doses in capsules as well. Their blend of oil, gelatin and bees wax for some works better than the conventional MCT oil methods.



Like capsules and other edibles, tinctures are super effective for arthritic pain. Figuring out dosing could still be a little difficult however when a full dropper of medicine might only be around 10mg, it’s hard to way over do it.


Vital Tinctures – Vital brand tinctures come in THC only, CBD only and 1:1 ratios. One cool thing about this brand is that they have both MCT oil and Vegetable Glycerine bases.

Chronic Health Tinctures – This brand uses that same 1:1 ratio from their topicals in tinctures as well. The High CBD and THC only tinctures come in Vegetable Glycerine only.

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