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Some Tips for 1st Time Medical Dispensary Visitors

Some Tips for 1st Time Medical Dispensary Visitors

  1. Make sure you have the proper paperwork and the right state of mind! First timers at any dispensary will be required to have their Patient ID and State ID to fill out the paperwork and to make copies of for the front desk person. After the paperwork is taken care of comes the fun part of actually going in and seeing what’s in stock!
  2. Although you haven’t done this before, we have. Don’t be timid or scared to talk about anything regarding your medical history and the medicine that’s in front of you. White Mountain Health Center has been around for a while and is in a location where we’ve had experience with people from all walks of life and all sorts of medical conditions.
  3. Use your deals!! The majority of the dispensaries in the state will give you a bonus deal or sale for coming in your first time. The fact of the matter is marijuana medicine isn’t cheap and unlike you’re other medications no insurance covers it… so taking advantage of these savings is key! This is a great way to try out different products and see what works for you or what dosage works for you.
  4. Have an open mind. Lots of patients in these parts come in saying they’ve either never had the stuff before or it’s been 30 years since their last toke. Marijuana has changed a lot over the years both in potency and in forms. Today’s Crumble is kind of like the Hash of old. One puff from that Aculpoco Gold in the 60’s is much different from one puff of this XXX OG. High CBD strains and edibles are a thing now…Ask questions and take your Budtender’s recommendation in mind. They have a good clue of what’s what and where to guide you.
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