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How Can We Help You?

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us.

What do I need for my first visit to White Mountain?
  1. AZDHS Medical Marijuana Card
  2. Arizona State Identification card or Driver’s license, Passport
  3. Fill out 2 Page New Patient Registration Form
I’ve never had Marijuana before and I don’t know if I want to get high. What are my options?

The cannabis plant is made up of many different constituents, some of which are responsible for the elevated mind (“high”) and others are considered non-psychoactive or “non-high” causing. One of the many non-psychoactive compounds that’s reaching media lately is CBD. Using this CBD or a combo of CBD and THC (“high” causing) would be a great place to start for a newer patient. CBD alone can aid in inflammation, reduce anxiety and depression and in recent studies has been shown to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar. CBD also works as a neuro protectant that protects the brain and may help fight Alzheimer’s.


Cannabidiol or CBD doesn’t seem to help with my symptoms, what’s next?

Don’t give up on your CBD regiment! CBD may not seem to work the first few doses but remember it has residual effects and builds up in your system over time becoming more effective. If you’ve been on CBD for a while now and aren’t happy with the relief you’re getting it may be time to try a combination of CBD and THC or moving to THC alone. Micro-dosing (taking small doses) is advised since every person is different and may have different tolerances. We suggest whichever route you go (tinctures, edibles, etc.) that you wait 1-2 hours before taking another dose. THC has a more intense effect when eaten or ingested. This effect can take at least 1-2 hours to kick in and can last up to 8hrs in length! With flower the effect will be more immediate and you will be able to tell if you need more within minutes instead of hours.

How do I find my edible dose? What’s an easy way?

When finding your dose it’s important to start low and slow. Micro-dosing is key for beginners, starting as low as 1mg of THC and waiting 2hrs for optimal effect before dosing more. A healthy adult should have had enough time to break down and digest whatever edible form of cannabis consumed. An easy and cheap way to figure out dosing higher than a couple mg’s would be to try one of our Amy & Al’s $9.50 100mg Brownie. Cut those into 10 pieces for approximately 10mg a dose. Now consume and wait your time to see how effective the dose was. Many THC items start in 10mg servings so figuring it out with a cheap effective edible is a good start. Don’t be discouraged if you end up taking the whole 100mg and not feel it. Everyone’s tolerance is difference as well as our body’s reaction/digestion of the medicine.

I can smoke, but my spouse or I do not like the smell. What are my options?

Of course there are edibles which we covered in other questions but there are also topicals and vapes. Topicals might have a marijuana smell that usually dissipates within a half hour or so. If you don’t like the smoking smell you might not like the smell of those topicals either so ask a budtender about smell first! If you already enjoy the effects of flower you might want to try vape oil cartridges. Many of them have re-introduced terpenoids (terpenes) that smell different than cannabis.

Are vaporizers really healthier for you than smoking flower?

There are a couple different options when vaporizing. Patients can vaporize the concentrate out of a cartridge or vaporizing the flower from a vape box. Both ways are healthier than combustion (flame) and inhaling smoke. When vaporizing cartridges make sure the concentrate is solvent free. When vaporizing flower convection vaporizers are the healthiest! They heat the chamber up around the flower.

What are terpenes? Why are they in my vapes?

Terpenoids or Terpenes are essential oils on plants responsible for the smell of the plant. They are not only responsible for smell but have therapeutic advantages to the body as well. Some work as a bronchial dilator, others help with diabetes, improving brain function, reducing appetite, relieving heartburn, improving mood and much more! If terpenes weren’t added into some of these vapes the taste and smell would be rubber-like.

Can I freeze edibles? How should I store my flower?

All flower and edibles should be stored in a cool, dark place. Anytime light and heat are introduced it can start decarboxylation which further changes the medicine. If you think you are going to have an edible for a long period of time freezing would be the best option. Do not freeze glass tinctures. Flower stored in the freezer for long periods of time could actually lose THC content… DARK, COOL Places!

What’s wax? Crumble? Concentrate?

Wax is the general term for concentrates. Concentrates are the concentrated form of the trichomes off the plant. These resinous trichomes are made up of all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant which are responsible for all the therapeutic effects in the body. There are different types of concentrates with names that mimic how they look or their consistency. These concentrated forms of cannabis include hash, shatter, crumble, cake batter, clear, rosin, dry sift hash, terp sauce, butter, diamonds and more!

What’s an easy way to try wax? I love flower but I need more relief out of it right now.

If a patient is noticing their tolerance has been rising with flower and they are not getting the same effect as in the past, they can graduate to trying concentrate. The good news is there is no need for a new bong rig or any extra set up to try concentrates. Patients can easily top their bowl with the concentrate and smoke with on top or in the middle of the flower. If this doesn’t help, patients can look into those bong rigs or other vaping devices.

What is your favorite product? Strain of flower?

Some of the staff’s favorite products include…

Edibles – Amy and Al’s Brownies, Cannabliss Gummies and the Ice Cream!

Concentrates – Sweet Science Shatter and Waxes, Timeless Cartridges and Moon Rocks

Flower – Og Kush, Platinum Wreck, Sweet Pink Grapefruit, Chocolate Hashberry and Mint Chocolate Chip

Be sure to ask your budtender their favorite!

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is the dried leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the Cannabis Sativa plant shredded into a product that resembles tobacco.  The two main ingredients of marijuana are THC which produces psychoactive effects and is the cannabinoid tested to measure potency of medical marijuana and CBD which is the pain-relieving cannabinoid.  The effects of medical marijuana depend on the ratio of THC to CBD it contains.

How is medical marijuana used?

Medical marijuana can either be smoked or ingested.  Marijuana can be rolled into tobacco paper to produce a “joint” or pushed into a hollowed out cigar wrapper producing a “blunt.”  Smoking pipes and water pipes (bongs) are also common methods of smoking marijuana. Patients can also use a vaporizer to inhale marijuana or eat edibles laced with marijuana such as baked goods, sauces, gel-caps, capsules, melting strips, and candies.

How long does medical marijuana stay in your system?

The answer to this question is, “It depends.”  Factors causing variances in the length of time in which medical marijuana is detectible in your system include your own metabolic rate, the amount of THC in the marijuana, the strain and how much and how often you consume, and the sensitivity of the test.  Traces of marijuana can be found in your saliva up to 3 days after use, your urine up to 90 days after use with the average being approximately 30 days, and your hair up to 90 days after use. Patients must understand the different effects Indicas and Sativas have on their body and choose their strain base on that effect.

What are the strains of medical marijuana?


Sativas have a high THC to CBD ratio that results in a floating and energetic feeling.  The effects of sativa are mostly cerebral with patients reporting feeling focused, energized and inspired.  Sativas provide significant pain relief for many symptoms and create feelings of optimism and well-being. Sativas work well with patients who are creative.  Common strains of Sativa include Silver Haze, Sour Diesel and Blue Dream. Sativas are known for treating multiple sclerosis, Turette’s syndrome and glaucoma.



Indicas have a high CBD to THC ratio that results in a calm and relaxing feeling.  Indicas provide overall body paid relief and works well in treatment of insomnia. Patients report indicas as relaxing, sleep-inducing, stress and pain relieving as well as being effect against nausea.  Common strains of Indica include Hindu Kush, Master Kush and OG Kush. Indicas are known for treating anxiety, inflammation, schizophrenia, nausea and convulsions.

Does medical marijuana affect driving abilities?

Yes, yes, yes!!!  Even low doses of medical marijuana can impair your driving motor skills, judgment, concentration, perception and slows your visual adjustment to changes in light.

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