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Medical marijuana can be consumed in various ways resulting in slightly different effects, such as the length of time to take effect and the length effectiveness. SMOKING The most traditional method of consuming medical marijuana has been to smoke dried flowers and leaves of the plant in a pipe, as a rolled cigarette or through a water pipe. Pro: Smoking marijuana provides a rapid and effective method of...

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TRADITIONAL CANCER TREATMENTS Breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer all begin in the same basic manner—a trigger causes cancer cells to divide and grow at an abnormally rapid rate.  These cancer cells invade healthy tissue and form tumors. Recent advances in cancer treatment have resulted in individualized therapies that attack and slow the spread of cancer.  Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are traditional cancer treatments that,...

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TREATS MIGRAINES Doctors in California report treating over 300,000 cases of migraines with medical marijuana. 25% of women suffer from migraines and 8% of men suffer from migraines during their lifetime SLOWS TUMOR GROWTH The American Association for Cancer Research has found that medical marijuana works to slow tumor growth in the lung, breast and brain. RELIEVES SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC DISEASES Research shows that marijuana treat symptoms of chronic diseases such as...

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Is medical marijuana addicting?  Can I develop dependence on, tolerance of or experience withdrawal from medical marijuana?  These are real concerns for medical marijuana patients.  Substance abuse (dependence) is diagnosed when three or more of the following criteria occur within a 12-month period: Medical marijuana is used in larger amounts for a longer period of time than was intended There is a persistent desire to...

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The key pain relieving ingredients in medical marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).  THC affects the CNS and brain providing pain relief, relaxation and a sense of well-being. CBD produces a sedative effect on patients and relieves convulsions, inflammation, anxiety and nausea.  There are two types of medical marijuana, Sativa and Indica. Each provides its own distinct effect on symptoms. Sativa strains are typically used...

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Medical marijuana is a psychoactive drug that has been extensively studied and found to possess wide-ranging and substantial therapeutic effects with almost no side effects.  Marijuana consists of 86 known cannabinoids with the two most widely studied being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidol (CBD). The THC to CBD ratio is how Sativa is differentiated from Indica. THC produces psychoactive effects and is the cannabinoid tested to measure...

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